What is Acupressure Shiatsu?
The Healthy Living Guide, Issue3, 2006; 

Eliminating Alzheimer's Fibrils: A New Therapy?
Atta, A, Blanchard, B., Kelley, C., Rozeboom, L., Zhang, L., Buchwald, S.L., Hennessy, E.J., and Ingram, V.M. “Eliminating Alzheimer’s Fibrils: A New Therapy?” Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Annual Meeting, Abstract (2005)

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Ingram, V.M., Blanchard, B.J., Buchwald, S.L., Hennessy, E., Kelly, C.J.,                  Rozeboom, L., Stafford, K., Zhang, Y. Eliminating Alzheimer AFibrils. AD/PD International Conference, Sorrentto, Italy (2005).