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The East and West of Headaches

Prerequisite:  previous bodywork  (6.5 PDA/NCCAOM)

Headaches are a common clinical condition that can benefit from Acupuncture and Acupressure treatment. This workshop will study the different types of headaches as defined by western medicine, and also, eastern medicine. Identify primary, secondary and the causes of other headaches.

Learn the differentiation of headaches from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. Identify excess and deficient headaches with specific symptomology, triggers and aggravations. Consider Acupuncture treatment prinicples and prescriptive Acupoint combinations. Lastly, practice an Acupressure treatment specific for one type of headache, learning Acupressure techniques, Acupoint combinations and flow of form. Leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of headaches and how best to treat them in your clinical practice.