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Extraordinary Vessel Esoteric Acupressure Series 2017

I am pleased to invite you to the continuing series of Extra Vessel Acupressure seminars. We have completed the study of the Chong Mai and Du Mai and will be studying the Ren Mai next. The seminars include theory, assessment diagnostics, treatment strategy for specific conditions, acupoint energetics and location, and a hands-on practice of Esoteric Acupressure Specific for treating the Extra Vessel.

Expanding Heaven's Breath with the Yin Chiao Ren Mai, the 3rd in the series of five Extra Vessel Acupressure treatments, is scheduled for March 12, 2017.

The Ren Mai has a broad influence on many conditions related to the Yuan source Qi. Of particular interest in this workshop will be the effectiveness of Ren Mai in treating Heart and Lung conditions related to asthma and respiratory conditions. Learn Acupressure Therapy for opening the chest, easing breath and calming shen.  In freeing one's constrictions, the Ren Mai allows expanding one's essence of deep spirit. 

Review the context of the Extra Vessels already studied in this series - Chong Mai, Du Mai and Ren Mai and how they are related to and influence each other.

There will be two more seminars in this series: 

4.   Sun. April 9, 2017:  Increasing Flexibility of Life with the Yang Wei Dai Mai

5.    Sat. May 13, 2017:  Extra Vessel Esoteric Acupressure Overview: Putting it into Practice

Don't miss this opportunity to learn with Barbara Blanchard. Mark your calendars and register to reserve your place.