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1. Extraordinary Vessels and the Curious Organs: Correspondences and Implications for Treatment

Prerequisite:  previous bodywork and knowledge of the Extraordinary Vessels  (6.5 PDA/NCCAOM)

Acupuncture theory studies Qi through meridians and organs. The traditional yin and yang organs are known as the Zang Fu. There are six additional organs known as the Curious Organs or Extraordinary Fu. This workshop continues the series of Extra Vessel Esoteric Acupressure workshops taught by Barbara Blanchard. Previous knowledge of the Extra Vessels will be helpful as a brief overview will be presented. 

  • The six Curious Organs and their energetic functions
  • The correspondences between the Extraordinary Fu and the Extraordinary Vessels
  • Hands-on practice of one Esoteric Acupressure Sequence that pairs one of the Extraordinary Fu with an Extraordinary Vessel