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2. Extraordinary Vessels and Women's Health Part 1: Painful Menses

Prerequisite:  previous bodywork   (6.5 PDA/NCCAOM)

The Extraordinary Vessels are a unique group of special channels with broad influence on the whole body and psychoemotional health of the individual. The Extraordinary Vessels are said to evolve from the “uterus” or deepest source of Qi. Learn the connections that the Extra Vessels have between the “uterus” and Heart.  Review aspects of women’s health including menses, reproduction and menopause. This workshop will look closely at Painful Menses.

  • Four phases of the menstrual cycle
  • Zang Fu that play a part in menses
  • The Extra Vessels that are important in menses
  • Recognize clinical TCM patterns of painful menses
  • Best treatment plans and times of treatment
  • Acupressure Sequence for treatment of Painful Menses